Biostatistics Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Review and contribute to project level documents like CDPs and interact with health authorities.

Lead Research Data Science project teams to organize RDS and study review meetings.

Guarantee project standards and compliance consistency with company standards to work with their global counterparts.

Handle interactions with contract research organizations and review CRO generated deliverables.

Monitor and contribute to complete operational and technical bio-statistical activities.

Ensure statistical documentation on clinical activities to meet statistically correct standards.

Monitor deliverables of vendors on statistical programming of analysis datasets, graphs, tables and listings of clinical trial reports.

Offer statistical interpretation and ad hoc data analysis of clinical trial results to support presentation, manuscript and abstract presentation.

Audit clinical and SAS data and attend FDA and other statistical meetings.

Offer statistical expertise on exposure response and other exploratory information.

Apply innovative statistical methods to support Medical Sciences Biostatistics and business partners unique analysis.

Derive innovative solutions to support business partners and Medical Science Biostatistics.

Offer technical guidance for coauthoring internal presentations and reports.

Develop staff performance standards and handle appraisals with disciplinary responsibility.

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