Business and Planning Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Assist various departments in project planning and perform research to prepare strategic plans.

Analyze all business information and indentify methods to increase revenue and reduce cost.

Coordinate with customers and suppliers and perform tests on new technology and integrate systems.

Prepare and collect all material required for monthly and annual meetings.

Collaborate with Finance and Product and design budget for business processes and analyze financial plans.

Evaluate and analyze all components of operating processes and results.

Provide assistance to finance department and monitor monthly expenditure and prepare reports for same.

Analyze all financial information and prepare presentation for senior and summarize information.

Manage and interpret all complex financial data and operations.

Evaluate Profit and Loss figures and recommend changes if required.

Develop presentation and perform review on associate actions.

Design benchmark reports and prepare strategies for various business activities and perform forecasts.

Administer and execute all business programs to improve operational process.

Monitor all quantitative and qualitative techniques and establish operational and economic process.

Coordinate with various business units and prepare various business plans.

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