Business Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Administer everyday activities and projects and ensure compliance to funding.

Prepare all budget documents and execute all process improvements initiatives.

Develop and maintain various guidelines and practices for various businesses.

Monitor all process budgets and manage all income and expenditure for various business processes.

Administer and reconcile all processes and manage invoices and journal vouchers.

Manage all account receivables and maintain records of all accounts and prepare reports.

Prepare financial reports and analyze competition business and variances in expenditure and revenue.

Analyze all process charges and billing system and develop cost studies for same.

Manage and arrange for all employee travels and processes required reimbursements.

Maintain all business correspondence and proofread all materials for accuracy.

Develop and maintain knowledge on all office technologies.

Participate in various meetings and prepare agenda for work.

Ensure compliance to all record retention schedules and maintain appropriate data for all correspondence.

Collaborate with human resources and assist in hiring and termination of employees.

Evaluate all payrolls and reconcile all payroll issues.

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