Allocation Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Perform the sales allocation operations efficiently in order to ensure financial success by achieving sales and inventory targets and service levels.

Coordinate with store personnel and inventory planner for assortment needs, selection and allocation.

Perform sales reviews, determine the purchase needs, prepare assortment plans for seasons and coordinate with inventory planning and merchandising teams to perform initial release and subsequent replenishments and maintain size grading and flow sheets.

Coordinate with different departments to implement launch of new stores, define initial inventory levels based of store grading, allocation strategies and assortment plans.

Analyze the spreadsheet reports, size selling data in order to identify improvement opportunities and implement allocation strategies to maximize business.

Develop store specific distribution plans based on the sales trends, seasonal needs of the particular store and prioritize the distributions using the “Fill in Hot” and “On its Way” playbooks.

Coordinate with District and Regional Managers to inform them about the progress of the business at stores and address issues that improve the store level business.

Recommend and implement innovative strategies that inspire the team to perform and manage the business efficiently.

Perform the allocations on time in order to maintain the flow of merchandise and meet logistic requirements.

Monitor merchandise performance using “Fill in Cold” and “Fill in Hot” playbooks, grade the inventories based on “None in my Store” and “Know your ABCs” playbooks and address the stock-out situation using “Size Analysis Tool”.

Maintain good relationship with different departments in order to contribute on strategies, share best practices and improve the business knowledge.

Maintain the flow of merchandise, address special delivery requests and resolve any order issues and special requests in coordination with Indirect Sales Departments and Customer Service.

Coordinate with the IT team to evaluate if the issues have been addressed by the proposed solution and audit the delivery status.

Coordinate with Corporate Accounts to help in the allocation of orders and creation of delivery and ensure that it meets customer requirements and provide status reports of orders.

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