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Associate Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer working of project team in all phases of projects.

Develop various project plans and ensure optimal quality of all projects and prepare schedule for same and manage all technical resources.

Design all project methodologies and provide efficient deliverables and monitor schedule for same and ensure compliance to same and assist to resolve all issues in functional processes.

Analyze all projects, identify all risk and prepare risk mitigation strategies and manage all resources efficiently and assist project team to resolve all requests from project members.

Maintain knowledge of all team members work responsibilities and ensure adherence to same and manage all communication with program stakeholders.

Coordinate with work groups and maintain good relations with all vendors and prepare project plans and schedule for same and ensure safety of all employees and define outset of project.

Maintain knowledge of all safety regulations in projects and recommend improvements to all projects and implement all processes according to timeframe and budget.

Evaluate and prepare reports for all recommended changes and estimate cost for projects and recommend changes to clients or provide alternatives and ensure compliance of same too all project objectives.

Documents all records of events and issues in projects and monitor all projects to ensure alignment to all project goals and identify all potential issues and assist in resolution of same.

Monitor projects and select most cost effective methods of implementation of projects.

Processes and monitor all programs and prepare status reports to clients on monthly basis and hire most appropriate candidate for various jobs.

Coordinate with finance and contract team to design all financial projections and prepare required subcontracts and supervise performance of same.

Collaborate with project director to design all work plans and schedule for staff and manage all communication with staff onproject progress and discuss same with clients.

Organize various meetings with internal and external member.

Prepare memos and maintain all work according to project schedule and perform research on various activities for effective implementation of projects.

Documents all project deliverables and prepare appropriate time schedule and provide estimates on all costs and oversee work of all third party consultants.

Administer and manage all mitigate risks and prepare reports for all project goals and ensure adherence to budget and prepare all documents as per customer requirement.

Provide training to all consultants on projects and maintain subject matter expertise on same and prepare schedule for all building improvement projects and administer all financial processes for projects.

Participate in all weekly meetings and monitor all activities of sub contractor and maintain professional relationships with all contractors and subcontractors.

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