Corporate Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Head responsibility to coordinate and plan top executive corporate meetings.

Arrange Board of Director’s meetings, Investor Relations Meeting, Annual Shareholders Meeting and different executive level events.

Perform closely with Executive Event Manager with respect to coordinate travel of Corning’s Executives and Board of Directors to events.

Arrange and manage to and from an event travel as key contact point working closely with American Express, Corporate Aviation and Carey International.

Perform with Executive Event Manager to prepare and develop event planning from beginning of Event Core team meetings.

Maintain track of event logistics in comprehensive and organized way for onsite event coordination.

Assist Executive Event Manager on event’s portfolio, direct and lead as assigned.

Provide strong assistance for Executive Event Manager for planning as well as event onsite.

Coordinate external vendors as well as internal resources.

Perform closely with entire Corporate Events team to facilitate time tracking management, Sharepoint, event calendar, team inventory tracking.

Utilize entire EMS to manage event logistics using room scheduling tool.

Evaluate customers business through Business plus Credit risks analysis related to provision of Bank’s services and products to customer.

Head responsibility for financial information receipt as prepared by customers and passing same to CCA.

Perform closely with Credit Experts on facilities structuring and Pricing Team to assure facilities are suitably priced.

Participate in meetings with investment banks, professional advisers and customers with or without Relationship Director.

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