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Corporate Strategy Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Formulate as well as assist company strategies to diversify in new complementary markets and products.

Provide actionable suggestions for responding to new threats plus opportunities rising in marketplace.

Assist annual planning process for arising Corporate Initiatives and Operating Framework.

Provide oversight of continuing corporate initiatives every month.

Ensure to scan new opportunities related to acquisitions, alliances and mergers.

Analyze strategic rationale for all strategic business development opportunities.

Suggest strategic business development initiatives and priorities.

Ensure to access and evaluate imperative media as well as entertainment trends across world.

Ensure to calculate internal as well as target company valuations.

Prepare company’s growth strategies.

Conduct company portfolio optimization evaluation.

Perform with senior business unit executives to facilitate strategic development process.

Define and evaluate imperative company’s new business development opportunities.

Facilitate implement mergers, acquisitions as well as divestitures.

Develop business plans for entire new corporate ventures.

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