Business Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with market research and divisional teams and identify business requirement.

Supervise new business plans and ensure effective implementation.

Develop and maintain contacts for clients.

Administer new markets and identify requirement for prospective markets and develop new products and services.

Develop proposals and identify proposal requirement.

Analyze potential client requirement and develop new products and services for new and prospective customer.

Monitor competitor business and assist to increase revenue for processes.

Assemble all presentation materials and maintain all business development materials.

Ensure compliance to all database requirements and company standards.

Maintain biographies for clients and collect all daily news for internal and external data.

Administer and develop all biweekly reports for press coverage and new businesses.

Develop new business plans and monitor all mergers and acquisitions.

Develop research practices and evaluate all resources sources.

Analyze business requirements and develop long term and short term strategies.

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