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Director of Special Projects Responsibilities and Duties

Utilize Change Management, Project Management and Business Process Management disciplines for successful, on-budget and on-time initiatives delivery.

Ensure to represent suitable constituencies as required.

Identify all necessary resources of special projects.

Comply with entire timelines and ensure to accomplish all established objectives.

Analyze proposed projects, quantify impact as projected on business and prepare business case.

Manage and direct design, enrollment, deployment as well as governance of event’s new initiatives.

Head responsibility for taking raw ideas, hypotheses/ scenarios as well as shape them into comprehensive deployment plans to implement effectively.

Identify individuals throughout company willing to participate in deployment.

Conduct research on different strategic initiatives.

Prepare and present business plans along with overall strategy for every initiative.

Collaborate with business leaders to prepare and execute programs as well as initiatives to enhance market share plus profitability of business.

Identify and ensure to crossover barriers to successful completion of special project.

Lead and direct entire cross functional teams on data management, operations planning and milestone tracking for strategic initiatives implementation.

Coordinate interactions and ensure to streamline stakeholders, cross functional teams and Senior Management teams.

Manage process enhancements and varied special projects to execute solutions to attain key performance improvement or reduce risk.

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