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Division Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage business operations in assigned divisions to achieve company goals.

Evaluate division performance and recommend new strategies for performance improvements.

Resolve business issues and ensure that all escalated issues are closed.

Address business inquiries from customers and team members in a professional manner.

Identify resources, assign workloads and manage schedules to ensure timely deliveries.

Ensure that team work in compliance with company policies and procedures.

Assist in employee recruitment, performance evaluation promotion, retention and termination activities

Identify skill gaps and provide appropriate trainings to team.

Develop and enforce best practices to ensure operational efficiency.

Oversee staffing adjustments to obtain maximum productivity.

Recommend cost-reduction initiatives while maintaining productivity and quality.

Develop new business programs to meet productivity and revenue goals.

Provide guidance to team members and monitor their performance, discipline and attendance on regular basis.

Identify areas of improvements and concerns and accordingly develop action plans.

Process client invoicing promptly and oversee business accounting processes.

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