EEO Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Liaise with senior manager and human resources department.

Counsel affirmative action and diversity measure professionally.

Respond to business needs and design long and short term strategies.

Manage one or more EEO professionals to strategize and educate business groups on new best practices.

Conduct employment operations and recruitment audit and suggest improvement needs.

Partner with affinity groups, women’s and external minority professional associations.

Establish corporate goodwill and develop candidate pipeline to support firm’s recruitment initiatives.

Liaise between government agencies and company sites during reviews.

Investigate on discrimination claims.

Direct tracking systems implementation to comply.

Liaise as HR technology to maintain EEO data integrity and reporting.

Develop practices and policies across workforce to guarantee equitable and consistent treatment.

Research, train and communicate on current, draft and pending laws and executive orders.

Report and disseminate data pertaining to contract compliance and RFP support.

Act as company representative to EEAC, ODEP, USBLN, AAAA, NILG, EEOC and OFCCP.

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