Front End Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all store activities and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction.

Oversee all front end activities of store, manage all customer requests and complaints and ensure timely resolution of same and organize all store tours and holiday promotions efficiently.

Ensure compliance to all front end policies and procedures for company.

Perform all housekeeping duties at front end and conduct regular audit for imbalances.

Evaluate employee performance and recommend for dismissal or promotion.

Coordinate with brand equity manger to develop and execute various front end activities.

Maintain optimal level of customer services and ensure optimal satisfaction and analyze all issues and provide effective resolution.

Analyze performance of all front end associates and vendors and provide appropriate feedback for same.

Schedule work for all associates, ensure optimal level of security at store on all times and evaluate all processes for store.

Prepare reports and submit same to productivity department and ensure compliance to all company policies and procedures.

Monitor all work and ensure adherence to all human resource policies and procedures and provide training to staff on same and other bookkeeping processes.

Perform troubleshoot on all hardware issues and ensure resolution for same.

Inform all customers on upcoming events and programs for various cost saving promotions.

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