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Front End Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to departmental functions for all front end processes, manage all customer requests and ensure resolution for same.

Maintain inventory of all department orders such as supplies and products and ensure adequate stocks and perform accurate retail pricing of all products.

Supervise all sampling of all store products and ensure efficient maintenance and use of all equipments and ensure safety in operation of all machineries.

Coordinate with team members for all department operations and inform senior of same and participate in various sales promotions on both regional and national level.

Participate in all regional and store meetings and manage all cash drawers and bookkeeping operations and ensure appropriate resolution of all customer issues to provide good services.

Train store office associates and all customer care representatives and schedule all front end staff to ensure proper coverage of entire store to handle all customer issues conveniently.

Coordinate with customers and obtain efficient feedback for all services and work according to safety regulations.

Administer all loaders and ensure loading of all product and check all open boxes, perform regular piece count of all products.

Monitor all checkers and loaders and ensure customers get within required timeframe and evaluate all wagons for proper data and name on receipt.

Review all documents and resolve all loader errors and maintain logs of all items on floor.

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