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PMO Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all IT customers and develop and maintain all performance dashboards and prepare reports to be submitted to project team.

Analyze all data and project deliverables and ensure adherence to all timeframe and budget requirements.

Maintain all work according to program office procedures and policies.

Manage and recommend required improvements to all project methodologies.

Assist in closure for all projects and perform required benefit analysis in collaboration with project team and maintain record of all IT governance meetings.

Maintain all management agreements and prepare reports.

Perform financial analysis on all budgets and prepare various reports for all budget forecast.

Evaluate all financials and assist to identify all IT key performance indicators.

Provide support to various IT departments and ensure compliance to all policies and procedures to prepare all reports.

Review and monitor all IT programs for program performance and perform regular corporate audits and prepare reports for same.

Prepare various reports to identify all health risks and coordinate with change and technical manager to facilitate all follow up action.

Perform regular project status calls on weekly and monthly basis.

Collaborate with finance team to perform all associate activities and prepare appropriate summaries within required timeframe.

Ensure adherence to all project policies and standards and manage efficient timesheet and prepare required PTO reports.

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