R And D Chemist Responsibilities and Duties

Formulate product prototypes and evaluate them for chemical and physical properties, performance, and stability.

Develop new formulations for different personal care products, cosmetics and OTCs.

Improve current formulations of products when needed.

Research product formulations and properties of raw materials.

Prepare and provide samples for biological laboratory and field testing for efficacy and safety.

Establish product specifications and procedures as required for R & D projects.

Support scale-ups from prototype to commercial manufacture particularly to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Obtain process technology and equipment information for production.

Obtain data and information required for regulatory submissions and patent applications.

Support on technical service for operations and consumer relations.

Conduct research and field evaluations on new products.

Develop new products and improve functioning of existing products.

Provide technical and supervisory support within laboratory and other departments as required.

Coordinate research and development activities within all organizational departments.

Develop reports and documents detailing project processes, results and conclusions.

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