Regional Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor customers’ order fulfillment that totals to one third of company’s book of business.

Hire, train and retain individual customer service team members’ performance objectives to satisfy client services model needs.

Suggest corrective services to address customer complaints and attend service and delivery dates’ questions.

Compile, review and act to meet company standards for goal state performance.

Communicate processes and policies to customers, sourcing personnel and sales force.

Guide team on process exceptions followed by completing change management to overall process.

Review and develop processes to prevent losses and execute cost saving measures.

Guide, generate reports, support and execute lodging program.

Hire, train and counsel managers and front line operations resources.

Offer prompt and quality service to operations team professionally.

Hold staff meetings with direct and second level reports to guarantee effective communication.

Confirm incorporation of requirements from HR, Compliance, Legal and Risk into end-to-end flow.

Review escalated files and guide on complex transactions by using strong mortgage background.

Communicate on escalated loan level scenarios internally and externally.

Synthesize with Risk Management to identify underwriting team’s training opportunities.

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