Regional Vice President Responsibilities and Duties

Respond to customer concerns on time and convey issues to Senior Management.

Participate in Joint Review Committee thrice in one year.

Ensure hospital priorities are well defined and attained.

Participate in varied senior management functions as required to ensure company success.

Identify region opportunities for growth interacting with VP, Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Perform with recruitment personnel to ensure apt practice and coverage of growth through interviewing, hiring and developing talented candidate.

Interact actively and regularly with customers through phone and EM.

Ensure to visit assigned facilities minimum twice in month with available RDs.

Coordination optimally all staff amongst facilities utilizing Affinity and Synergy staff.

Perform activities to attain company’s as well as client’s quality standards.

Ensure documents and quality control systems are well maintained.

Mentor, resolve problem, conduct brainstorming, and supervise company directors.

Attain optimum practice performance for HealthPRO and customers.

Ensure to visit assigned area colleges along with universities in collaboration with recruiting efforts.

Ensure conformance and integrity for region and practice performance aspects.

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