Operations Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise everyday working of department operating process and increase efficiency of workers for various growth oriented programs.

Maintain and provide efficient backup to supply department and ensure achievement of all internal and external needs.

Provide training to workers and provide upgrade to various technical skills.

Analyze and identify all performance related issues and ensure appropriate steps to prevent loss.

Administer all indoor performance in department through efficient coaching and monitoring.

Prepare and maintain employee attendance records and provide feedbacks to employees on same.

Develop plans and supervise various departmental meetings and participate in various growth based campaigns.

Analyze and ensure better result to fulfill all business requirements.

Prepare regular reports, perform audit on various operations and evaluate processes as per business requirements.

Prepare project updates within required timeframe and delegate individual tasks to all employees.

Provide support and join improvement based methods.

Analyze all opportunities and recommend ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Supervise effective compilation and collection of information and data to enhance growth.

Monitor all administrative functions as per requirement.

Ensure compliance with applicable laws and company policies.

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