Poker Dealer Responsibilities and Duties

Organize various poker games and ensure accuracy in all collection of revenue for house and ensure optimal level of services and courtesy for all customers.

Manage efficient dealing of at least 28 games per hour and maintain regular communication with all players and maintain an efficient game for all players.

Analyze all customer play and transaction in shift and inform Poker Floor manager of any discrepancies on same and greet all customers pleasantly.

Perform all chips buy for all new customers and assist to table all fills and monitor all shuffle procedures and maintain accuracy in all discards and deck hands.

Ensure compliance to all casino systems and controls and maintain predetermine number of all cards for all players.

Maintain control of all card table games and ensure adherence to all rules and inform supervisors for all action initiated against customers.

Manage all rake collection from tables and coordinate with players to ensure efficiency in all betting procedures.

Evaluate all count for games and provide optimal level of customer services for Poker Card Room.

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