Certified Surgical Technologist Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Assist physician team during surgeries such as passing instruments, sutures and sponges when needed.

Prepare patient’s skin for surgical procedure as per hospital standards.

Guide, support and comfort patients before surgeries.

Transfer patients to surgery rooms and prepare them for surgery.

Work closely with the surgeon to ensure patient’s safety.

Handle medical supplies and equipment in safe manner to avoid accidents.

Assemble and organize medical instruments, equipment and supplies required for surgery.

Set sterile instrument table before surgeries.

Coordinate with physician to implement patient care program.

Clean and sterilize surgery tools and instruments.

Transport patients to and from surgical room.

Position patient during surgery as ordered by physician.

Provide orientations to newly joined staff and mentor them to execute the assigned tasks properly.

Adhere to standard precautions like wearing sterile gown and gloves during surgery process.

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