Chemical Lab Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Perform laboratory experiments in compliance with established procedures.

Identify and troubleshoot equipment issues.

Maintain laboratory equipment and tools in clean, safe and good conditions.

Follow preventive maintenance procedures and notify maintenance personnel on any equipment repairs and malfunctions.

Generate routine reports on laboratory experiments.

Conduct laboratory tests according to equipment specifications and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Order and stock laboratory supplies and instruments.

Work with other Technicians to complete laboratory tasks within assigned timelines.

Develop new laboratory procedures or enhancements to improve test quality and productivity.

Follow proper waste disposal and recycling methodologies.

Write experimental procedures and develop reports of test results.

Utilize graphs and charts to present the test results to Managers.

Work with Supervisor in resolving experiment and equipment related issues in a timely fashion.

Educate less experienced staffs on SOPs and equipment usage.

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