Child Development Specialist Reponsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Monitor all activities in classroom and clinic and ensure compliance to all treatment plan and everyday lessons and provide counseling to all children and observe all development behavior.

Participate in all review meeting and ensure work according to child requirement and design various individual and group simulation programs for all child development programs.

Supervise working of group and prepare all development programs in appropriate language.

Organize and conduct meetings with parents to provide education on all child development requirements.

Participate and organize various abuse and neglect prevention group on weekly basis.

Supervise all clinical consultation and participate in various treatment plans and update development programs as per requirement and assist departments in crisis intervention.

Coordinate and perform therapy in group play for all assign students on weekly basis.

Maintain documents for all individual and group sessions and manage all client communication.

Coordinate all visits and services for assign children and ensure effectiveness of all development programs for children.

Participate in various community and staff meetings every week.

Maintain record of all attendance and adhere to all activity schedules and maintain all safety regulations in all child development programs.

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