Civil Engineering Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Perform regular investigation for all losses by claimants and interview all clients, maintain records of all statements and documents all requirements for claim procedures.

Review all damages and perform aggressive investigation for any suspicious claims and prepare effective reports for all processes according to establish guidelines and evaluate all hospital and police records for claims.

Design various strategies and administer all claims according to organization policies and procedures.

Prepare reports for all estimates on damages and monitor all costs and participate in various conferences and trials to assist defense council.

Analyze and assist to make appropriate decisions in all claim investigations and documents records of all losses for organization.

Maintain records of all losses for both internal and external associates.

Manage and ensure payment of all losses after establishment of all liabilities and participate in all settlements and pre trails for claims.

Maintain knowledge of all training manuals and insurance books and perform all investigations according to company policies and inform all insurers and agents on all claim matters.

Coordinate and assist in promotion and marketing activities of company and prepare presentations for all insurers and policy holders.

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