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Associate Technical Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain expert knowledge on projects and identify requirement of new projects and prepare designs and processes for all new projects.

Coordinate with program development team and assist various stakeholders to develop and implement various strategies for all technical projects.

Provide technical support to all county offices and evaluate all projects and design all policies and procedures to ensure smooth functioning of all program operations and coordinate with operations staff and ensure compliance to all fiscal policies.

Prepare all reports for work plans and documents all project requirements in collaboration with field staff and donors.

Provide international technical assistance to staff and monitor all project deliverables.

Administer all projects and ensure implementation of all processes according to deliverables and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to provide expert knowledge on all technical projects.

Develop all sector tools according to required standards and documents all process and methodologies and provide required training to all field staff.

Analyze all projects and recommend various activities for all environmental activities and prepare reports to be submitted to ADEM.

Assist various departments and develop hazardous management program and provide response to all emergency situations in compliance with all regulatory agencies.

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