Civil Field Engineer Reponsibilities and Duties

Assist all engineering superintendents and subcontractors and ensure compliance to all project schedule and budgets and evaluate all associated equipments and workforce to meet all design requirements.

Analyze, identify and resolve all technical issues in all files projects and ensure efficient interpretation of all design drawings and install all Quality Control procedures in projects.

Provide an interface with design group and resolve all issues of subcontractors and prepare reports for all subcontractors and evaluate all installation.

Administer all operation for subcontractor field activities and prepare all reports on everyday basis.

Coordinate with survey team and prepare work schedule as per construction project and collaborate with suppliers and concrete to ensure compliance project drawings and specifications.

Analyze and prepare plans for permanent material requisitions.

Design all work plans and identify and resolve all installation issues for civil field projects and coordinate with procurement department to ensure adherence to all construction schedule.

Assist all subcontractors to prepare and update all drawings for projects.

Document all civil field activities and perform regular inspection to check progress of all projects.

Monitor and implement all safety program for projects for assign areas.

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