Clinical Director Responsibilities and Duties

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Design and execute nursing philosophy consistent with clinical Center’s established goals.

Formulate policies, procedures and staffing needs to achieve Center’s objectives.

Modify policies and processes to remain advanced on trends related to nursing and clinical practice.

Evaluate programs and comply with government agencies and accrediting bodies.

Create an organizational structure with assigned responsibilities.

Lead and support to develop and maintain effective relationship with center and medical staff.

Create awareness of national, state and local issues that affect nursing services and health care management delivery.

Minimize nasocomial infection chances by focusing attention to environmental safety practices and clinical infection control.

Create accountability of employee for assigned responsibilities and performance expectations.

Serve on Quality Improvement Committee on nursing practice issues.

Create, maintain and evaluate quality control studies of PACU, pre-operative area and operating room to improve services.

Diagnose additional reinforcement requiring areas through practicum, consultation and education.

Manage physician, patient, confidentiality and employee privacy as per policy.

Communicate with office staff, patients, employees, visitors and physicians.

Act as per Center’s mission, vision and business.

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