Compensation and Benefits Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Coordinate with various departments for various compensation activities and monitor annual open enrollment process with help of various resources and ensure compliance to all legal regulations.

Perform market analysis and provide support to all compensation requirements and administer all compensation policies and government regulations and evaluate all proposals and ensure cost effectiveness.

Prepare all reports according to government regulations and coordinate with inform managers to distribute all personnel and benefit policies and perform regular surveys for all third party compensation plans.

Administer and evaluate all benefit programs and develop all tools to provide assistance to all employees for benefit program and supervise development of classification systems and coordinate with managers for same.

Assist to prepare job descriptions for all salary programs and analyze all market data to establish all salary level and ensure compliance to all compensation guidelines and evaluate all salary increase according to required budget.

Design and update all compensation scorecards and recommend improvements to all compensation and incentive programs and provide support to all strategies to achieve organization objective and monitor all renewal processes.

Assist and train all new and existing employees for various benefit programs and review and recommend improvement to all benefit policies and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Monitor all employee benefit plans for all health and spending accounts and evaluate and perform all monthly billing statements and maintain confidentiality of all enrollment reports.

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