Compliance Auditor Responsibilities and Duties

Perform compliance audit and ensure adherence to all internal operation and evaluate all procedures to maintain accuracy with all internal standards.

Design and maintain all function area of organization and prepare reports for templates and maintain an efficient compliance database and identify any risk in same.

Participate in various training and development programs for training procedures and perform audit for same and provide training to staff id required and participate in all product and project development meeting.

Maintain knowledge on all required regulations and design required training programs for compliance procedures and inspect all activities.

Manage and track all emerging standards and perform audit according to standard and organize all internal and external resources for audits.

Initiate opening and closing of various audit meetings and perform all audits according to compliance plan within required timeframe.

Design and document all audit plans and prepare all reports according to establish procedures and monitor all corrective actions according to industry standards.

Analyze all audit results and implement all necessary actions to resolve all compliance issues and interpret all complex regulations to ensure adherence to same in organization.

Design and approve all quality procedures for organization and monitor all compliance procedures and escalate discrepancies to management.

Coordinate with support department and perform troubleshoot on audit files to identify all issues.

Provide training to all quality auditors and perform various assessments processes and prepare schedule for travelling to various sites.

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