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Compliance Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all compliance requirements and design appropriate solutions and perform regular analysis on same.

Develop and modify all compliance standards and procedures and participate in development of all compliance programs.

Administer and design all work plans to achieve all compliance objectives effectively and evaluate all compliance programs and content and perform regular risk assessment on audit on various compliance programs.

Perform research and maintain knowledge on all regulations and statues and manage large and complex projects to achieve all compliance objectives.

Manage all complex concepts and ensure transition of same in everyday processes and assist senior to adopt new ideas.

Design all compliance policies and procedures and implement all new regulations and statutes and provide necessary training to same.

Manage all communication regarding changes and design required tools to assess all risk and monitor all processes to ensure compliance with all industry regulations.

Perform all required filling as per requirement and evaluate all audits and answer all inquiries.

Coordinate with cross functional teams and perform all functional SME activities.

Administer all subject matter experts and evaluate all regulations and provide administrative support to all senior members.

Evaluate licenses of all employees and participate in all meetings with supervisory principals on quarterly basis.

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