On Premise Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and facilitate all customer focused activities to optimize company’s and customer’s profit.

Evaluate business performance in terms of customer achievement and analyze business growth for generating new ideas and increase profitability.

Maintain knowledge on customers and provide an overview for brand development.

Coordinate with key personnel to promote premise trade ventures and develop brand equity.

Train and motivate company’s distributors on brand building techniques and capitalize on premise marketing.

Prepare various campaigns for brand equity in all locations in coordination with local distributor to optimize market reach.

Work with cross functional teams such as market development managers, brand marketing managers, brand team, channel development managers and sales team to develop brand equity for business drive.

Coordinate with various functionaries such as retailers, distributor, wait staff, promotion agencies, bar tenders and consumers to develop comprehensive business network.

Design training programs in key sales for company brands for generating sales.

Evaluate all staff performance annually recommend promotion, retention and termination.

Prepare conducive and encouraging environment to motivate and retain company staff as part of company strategy.

Perform assessment of sales opportunities and collaborate with customer to determine future staffing requirements to support business growth.

Prepare required documentation for all branch activities to support sales and marketing team.

Develop and implement specialized testing and screening activities as per client’s requirement.

Design strategies to hire qualified and potential candidates to manage internal sales on premise for businesses.

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