Completion Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all completion project and assist in tubing design and drag movements and construct all mono bore well designs.

Install and design all completion processes and plan all work over for completion procedures.

Prepare basic designs and perform alternative completion for all processes and design all completion procedures.

Coordinate with internal and external personnel to design all completion processes and administer all completion design projects.

Perform all seconded completion engineer processes and assist in completion of all design and hardware specifications.

Supervise identification of all equipments and materials and design all technical specification for project assessment.

Analyze and recommend alternative to completion procedures and ensure competency in same and design all products according to leveraged agreements.

Design new technology with help of network and equipment providers and provide training to all engineers and new employees.

Develop all HES objectives and participate in all procedures and perform management process to ensure career development.

Assist all projects and provide customer specific information for all engineering services and provide training for same and ensure completion of all production engineering processes.

Attend all Health, safety and environment processes and ensure compliance to all laws and corporate policies.

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