Hardware Engineering Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and maintain clients’ products as per organization policies.

Design and implement strategies to organize Electronics Hardware Engineering Group to ensure maximum output.

Monitor and prepare reports for all R&D activities associate with Electronics Hardware development.

Prepare Hardware schedules for various development projects.

Develop and implement strategies to improve products for better yield and reliability.

Collaborate with Engineering Department to transform new product design into mass production.

Provide assistance to Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality departments and prepare reports for any defects.

Coordinated with internal departments, senior management and external customers to ensure efficiency.

Analyze and resolve interdepartmental issues, respond to queries and provide product training and ensure completion within timeframe.

Coordinate with various vendors and contract manufacturers as as required.

Perform regular investigations of mall/micro-electronics circuitry for DC-DC power converters and related devices to ensure high reliability for same.

Design innovative circuits, update documentation and analyze all new designed products.

Supervise various projects implementation as per schedule and report development to senior manager.

Train engineer and technicians regarding product design, innovations, deployment and testing.

Perform tests and analyze circuits as per hardware requirements, hardware and evaluate all designs and perform regular tests on same.

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