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Applications Chemist Responsibilities and Duties

Provide application and technical support to pre-sales team.

Prepare and present technical presentations to customers at seminars and conferences.

Provide post-sales application and technical support to customers at their location and through phone.

Coordinate with sales team to develop sales tools and strategies for promoting products successfully.

Prepare and present reports on progress of project and technical trends observed in the market.

Develop applications in the field of spectroscopy and chromatography to support products.

Create technical documents for publishing and present them at scientific conferences.

Perform tests on new software and hardware products.

Provide technical direction and leadership during direct interactions with the customer.

Determine customer requirements and translate them into product development goals.

Analyze data to derive inferences on product changes and communicate to marketing and R&D groups.

Create new techniques to test products and expedite development of new polymers.

Manage projects in the Ink Jet receptive area by coordinating with designers.

Provide technical support and supervise technicians.

Maintain lab notebook that consists of experiment data and inferences.

Develop patented products in the ink jet receptive field.

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