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Associate Software Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with all team projects and monitor all product life cycle and prepare all specifications and perform tests on all configuration and installation.

Perform high quality and unit tests on all software as per Quality assurance programs and maintain knowledge on all latest technology and prepare various code based on software designs.

Analyze all designs and tests plans and prepare required documentation on same

Assist in preparing all technical design documents and ensure effective implementation of all products and plan all activities.

Analyze and identify all issues in requirements and design and assist to provide resolution of same and perform various tests on software to resolve all issues.

Provide internal support for all products and assist various departments.

Perform tests on software and provide resolution and coordinate with software engineers to ensure efficiency in implementation of all software.

Perform troubleshoot on all programs to ensure compliance to deadline and collaborate with Quality Assurance tests to perform end to end tests.

Adhere to established software development processes and analyze all issues and monitor effective resolution of same.

Coordinate with all cross functional team to analyze al issues.

Diagnose all root causes to recommend required actions and assist to define and classify all issues and projects to avoid reoccurrence of issues and prepare automation responses if required.

Maintain record of all status reports for issues resolution.

Train all support teams on various business processes and track all tools and partner with process teams and develop efficient problem management procedures.

Manage schedule of sub system and participate in formulation and analysis of system development life cycle.

Document unit test procedures and participate in software development process to perform all tests on designs and ensure compliance to all Object Oriented Programming activities.

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