Cognos Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and perform tests on various enterprises and provide dashboard solutions with help of Cognos software and assist all end users.

Coordinate with data architecture and modeling team to design databases and prepare reports for same.

Analyze all projects and prepare corporate strategies for same and provide support to all Cognos applications.

Prepare all reports for management with help of Cognos Report Studio.

Design all required excel and powerpoint templates and prepare all metadata models in coordination with framework manager.

Investigate and resolve all data issues and analyze all business requirements and perform interview with all stakeholders.

Coordinate with all customers and analyze test queries and analyze client issues and assist all application analysts to translate all workflow requirements to efficient data points.

Prepare all designs and code for various Cognos reporting objects and ensure compliance to all best business practices in industry.

Schedule and ensure compliance to all design code and test activities and prepare plans for same and design various dashboards and maintain required framework for all processes.

Monitor work and ensure optimal utilization of all SQL scripts and documents all database requirements and analyze data anomalies and prepare reports for cycle.

Prepare all documents for reporting objects and monitor and resolve all desk ticket issues and perform troubleshoot on all Cognos objects to prepare reports and ensure compliance to all schedule.

Perform troubleshoot on all Cognos helpdesk tickets and resolve all queries for content and prepare standard reports and ensure accuracy of same.

Provide support to all Cognos issues and maintain knowledge on all new techniques and prepare reports for all warehouse functions.

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