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Coldfusion Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop complex computer programs and prepare required documents for all logic flows charts and codes and design all new application and provide support to same.

Coordinate with all IT groups and assist all application team to translate all functional requirements to enhance all applications and perform troubleshoot on all existing systems and assist to resolve same.

Design various Adobe Coldfusion for various customer tags with help of various Adobe software.

Prepare all technical documents and provide all debug codes and perform tests on all coldfusion requirements and analyze all programs.

Administer all application and ensure compliance to all programming procedures and manage all programs.

Analyze all coldfusion requirements and ensure compatibility of all specifications into technical solutions for projects and develop all enterprise level applications.

Perform tests on all required components and recommend improvements to system and maintain quality for all development processes according to required standards.

Prepare all documentation for programs and application architecture and ensure adherence to all standards.

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