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Job Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with employers to elicit internships orders and jobs vacancy.

Determine client requirements and record apt data as in job descriptions.

Develop workplace talent and behaviors to secure internships enforcing employer expectations in actual workforce environment.

Search 80 or more jobs each month based on program’s variable outcomes.

Develop job vacancies and information available to clients all in relation to work.

Propose names of qualified applicants to clients.

Review job applications and employment orders to conform applicants to work requirements.

Match applicant skills and experience with employer’s requirement.

Record and evaluate applicant education, experience, training, knowledge and skills.

Ensure to secure ten or more placements every month based on program advancement goals and end results.

Negotiate and develop transitional and permanent job opportunities by wage subsidies through employers for lasting placement opportunities.

Head to secure minimal four MoU with partnering clients each month.

Update and maintain applicant’s records not selected for job and share with potential case managers.

Support customers to secure and retain job and advance in work settings.

Supervise employment to ensure people attain success in job placement and career objectives.

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