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Director of Software Development Responsibilities and Duties

Direct strategic development, management and deployment of QA resources and software development.

Ensure application design to manage and maintain data security and integrity.

Help communication upward as well as throughout project teams.

Utilize practices of best-case packaged software release management.

Lead software development department to distribute software development atmosphere.

Mentor managers to implement best practices to motivate and organize their teams.

Prepare schedules, report status as well as make hiring decisions.

Establish hiring bar for all managers as well as individual contributors.

Ensure to provide proven ability to evaluate and improve software development best practices.

Provide version control processes to assure consistency, quality and timeliness.

Provide particular feedback to facilitate managers enhance their work.

Participate in interviewing as well as hiring final decisions.

Guide and provide input to all strategic as well as technical planning for entire software projects.

Monitor and provide input for evaluation and prioritize change requests.

Utilize and explain critical application delivery aspects in enterprise class SQL backend used by Web (ASP.Net) as well as Local PC (C Sharp.Net) applications.

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