Java Programmer Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze user specifications and requirements.

Design, test, debug and record programs on moderately complex projects.

Develop new subroutines or expand program to simplify statement, programming or coding of future problems.

Analyze functional and business applications.

Design specifications for functional activities.

Develop block diagrams and logic flow charts for java programs.

Translate detailed design into computer software.

Test, debug and refine computer software to produce required product.

Prepare required documents including program-level and user-level documentation.

Improve program software to reduce operating time and enhance efficiency.

Utilize minicomputer and mainframe computer systems to address project objectives.

Facilitate formulating architectural design, functional specification, interfaces and documentation of hardware or software systems.

Develop java program complying with coding standards defined by technical management.

Assist with encoding, testing, debugging, and documenting program modules.

Plan, design, develop, test and record mainframe-resident and client/server applications programs.

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