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PL SQL Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Design all SQL requirements and perform and implement all tests and assist to evaluate all code and facilitate necessary approval for same.

Ensure compliance to all requirements and maintain accuracy for same and design all technical system documents and architectural standards.

Maintain record of all maintenance release for all applications and maintain knowledge of all enhancements.

Recommend enhancements to all designs and prepare software for all reuse.

Resolve all emergency production issues and ensure appropriate resolution of all issues within required timeframe.

Document all designs and perform all unit tests and develop appropriate applications.

Design code for all system design and prepare efficient application programming interfaces.

Develop new programs and codes for all existing ones and prepare all technical specifications for various applications and ensure adherence to all project timeframe.

Analyze all existing programs and perform appropriate coding and tests on all programs and implement.

Develop all SQL servers according to standards and recommend appropriate changes and provide efficient training to all users to assist in conversion of all systems.

Schedule all data reports and perform research to resolve all data issues and implement all data load processes for various databases.

Design and implement all data and configure for same and maintain efficient knowledge of all application structures and content.

Documents all functional systems and processes and provide training programs for all internal staff and end users and assist to install all third party software.

Provide assistance to all end users and coordinate with business analysts and document all technical requirements.

Analyze all business requirements and document all technical specifications and prepare codes for same and design and implement all test unit procedures.

Monitor and recognize all system deficiencies and execute all effective solutions and collaborate with development team to resolve all design issues.

Administer and track all projects and maintain all programs to identify and resolve all issues and ensure compliance to all Sarbanes- Oxley requirements.

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