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Portal Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Develop all portal layout and maintain functionality of all site.

Supervise content for all pages and provide assistance to all personnel and external organizations.

Integrate new technology system into portal and coordinate with web administrator.

Maintain status for all portal projects and assist to resolve all issues for new and existing channels and automate all processes.

Perform tests on all configuration and upgrade processes and achieve all ITS objectives and maintain knowledge on new technology for all portal environment.

Determine all long term objectives for site and recommend enhancements to all content according to guideline.

Maintain an efficient portal documentation system and assist in installation of all Web Center Interaction systems.

Analyze all system upgrade and applications and ensure compliance to all program requirements and design all solutions for new portal and assist to resolve all production issues.

Monitor and analyze all system metrics and maintain optimal performance for all portals.

Coordinate with administrators and community members to implement all operational activities and determine all web server configurations.

Manage and configure all custom portal applications.

Maintain knowledge of all portal marketplace and continuous changes in industries.

Provide support to all business operations and ensure optimization of all profits.

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