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Principal Project Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide technical guidance to support project design, development, testing and implementation phases.

Develop technical instructions for system set-up and installation activities.

Perform technical inspections on regular basis and correct any problems identified.

Perform system engineering activities within allotted budget and timelines.

Ensure to follow company policies and safety standards at all times.

Assess technical challenges and risks and develop appropriate mitigation plans.

Recommend design improvements to ensure cost-effectiveness and high-quality

Conduct regular team meetings to discuss about project progress and issues.

Assist in development of engineering design based on project technical requirements.

Work with other Engineers to complete assigned work within deadlines.

Mentor and train other Engineers when required.

Analyze and troubleshoot project technical issues in a timely manner.

Serve as technical consultant and address project queries and concerns from management staffs.

Make customer presentations and develop technical briefings.

Review existing applications and recommend technical improvements.

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