Principal QA Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide technical support in project QA activities.

Analyze and troubleshoot QA related issues in a timely fashion.

Ensure that project is delivered within allotted timelines and budgets.

Review project deliverables and ensure they meet quality standards.

Review and recommend improvements to existing QA processes.

Execute test plans and review and diagnose test failures.

Develop new testing tools and processes to achieve desires QA goals.

Implement continuous process improvements to enhance testing efficiency.

Maintain automated test environment and perform unit, functional and stress testing.

Oversee a dashboard to schedule and track system tests.

Analyze test results and perform bug fixing activities.

Evaluate system performance and suggest improvements.

Maintain QA documentations and generate test reports for management.

Provide support in design, development and production phases of projects.

Determine project quality requirements and perform quality planning activities.

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