Principal SQA Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop, implement and maintain all cross-platform test suites utilizing internally developed Perl-based on test engine.

Perform in collaborative team atmosphere with varied Senior Level QA engineers to develop multi-platform test automation utilizing Perl-based engine.

Utilize or enhance best practices of established test scripting.

Perform with Test Coverage Architects to substantiate tests plus test results covering suitable system as well as design requirements.

Design, prepare, record and maintain all SQA engineering test scripts.

Evaluate test execution results.

Review other’s code to assure constancy and validate design and execution of solutions.

Perform on different operating systems like Solaris, Windows, HP, Linux and more.

Prepare and implement software test plans, designs, objectives and cases.

Identify, evaluate and record questionable behavior, defects, inconsistencies and errors with application functionality, online screens, output and content.

Prepare automated test solutions utilizing state-of-the-art software testing practices and tools.

Perform with software development engineers for product design, walk through, code reviews and product lifecycle inspections.

Investigate resolve all problems.

Collaborate with developers to prepare and present world-class organization application with high quality.

Respond to all technical support inquiries pertinent to software application’s functions and operation.

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