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Principal Systems Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Design and prepare Apache web server modules to improve, streamline, customize or speed up web serving logic.

Design new infrastructures for latest applications plus integrate with current systems environments.

Design and prepare system level software to incorporate and process data flows throughout infrastructures.

Solve complex plus challenging issues utilizing creative engineering solutions.

Design and execute automation for system maintenance as well as administration tasks.

Implement automatic patching, package management and configuration management.

Analyze and suggest new commercial as well as open-source software.

Design and execute language bindings for common C/C++ security libraries in PHP, Perl, Java, Tcl etc.

Engineer and recommend solutions to improve security utilizing SecurID and Kerberos when no solution exists.

Head responsibility to assist and support Internet Operations team.

Head responsibility to design new infrastructure parts used to serve large websites.

Interact with SQA, QA and OP’s to effectively validate software systems to setup acceptance criteria.

Prepare high-level execution sketch as well as effort estimation for all new products and enhancements.

Develop technical solutions for systems engineering standardization.

Participate to develop reviews to ensure synthesis of design and apt system validation.

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