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Software Quality Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Troubleshoot and investigate defects for in-house software applications.

Develop and implement test plans for functional application areas and document testing failures.

Conduct and offer excellent service in a professional manner.

Certify quality level of applications from functional and regression testing perspective.

Record software defects with bug tracking system and report defects to software developers.

Determine, analyze and record problems with program function, output, online screen or content.

Create a test strategy on project requirements and schedule.

Inform defects found in testing using standard defect tracking tools.

Inform test progress against schedules.

Offer test summary report reflecting quality attributes of software under test.

Interact with development, project management and customer stakeholders.

Conduct new functionality and regression tests, determine and report issues for follow-up.

Collaborate with field staff to assess or diagnose problems and suggest possible solutions.

Determine program deviance from standards and suggest modifications to comply.

Oversee program performance for efficient and problem free operations.

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