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Solution Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to accept complete responsibility as well as accountability for solution management project.

Develop and manage budget evaluation and report with regard to project.

Develop and manage project plan along with responsibilities related with plan.

Attain approval, track, update and report to management.

Ensure to define roles plus responsibilities throughout entire team member involved with project.

Prepare resource plan as well as allocate resources.

Perform as channel for internal communication.

Head responsibility for complete team performance.

Supervise directly all employees in Technology Solutions Group pertinent to assigned project.

Involve business clients early during building solid relationships.

Ensure to push RDS value upstream while establishing business direction.

Develop and manage direct relations with main stakeholders as well as subject matter experts.

Ensure business solutions are commensurate with goals as well as priorities.

Analyze data as well as interrupt data focused on enhancing service delivery.

Identify and interpret customer requirements mainly for solution as well as services.

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