Configuration Management Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Understand business requirements and develop configuration management plan.

Develop and implement effective configuration management processes.

Maintain documentations of build processes for future reference purposes.

Communicate system configuration status to management and client on regular basis

Maintain and enforce configuration management policies and procedures.

Develop best practices to improve integrity and quality of configuration processes.

Evaluate existing configuration management processes and recommend improvements.

Provide support in system design, development, testing and implementation activities.

Assist in configuration audits and communicate audit recommendations to Managers

Oversee system configurations and migrations in multiple environments.

Work closely with development, QA and support teams to complete configurations tasks within deadlines.

Analyze and troubleshoot configuration problems in a timely manner.

Review and implement configuration changes according to business requirements.

Attend customer meetings, kick-off meetings, configuration meetings, and production meetings as needed.

Assist in preparation of system requirements, design documents and test strategies.

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