Construction Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Monitor all construction processes and ensure compliance to all plans and prepare an estimate of all budget and requirements and organize various construction meetings to monitor various phases of projects within available resources.

Partner with design and clients to determine all project requirements and ensure customer satisfaction with all results and acquire all required building permits and required pre requisites and maintain regular visits to site and prepare cost estimates for same.

Maintain records of all approved invoices for project accounting department and review all projects to calculate savings on all construction activities and evaluate all drawings and specifications.

Develop and maintain an effective construction schedule and evaluate all proposals and ensure compliance to all resources and budget and maintain and effective project schedule with help of software.

Perform regular site investigation on all construction processes and analyze all savings for same and perform review on all equipments and documents and implement all construction projects and coordinate with all vendors and subcontractors for multiple projects.

Design an effective construction budget in coordination with vendors and subcontractors and implement all strategies on all aspects of projects and ensure achievement of all project objectives and manage all purchase orders.

Analyze and identify all issues of construction projects and provide effective solutions for same and maintain effective control on same.

Maintain all projects according to budgets and documents all changes in construction project according to stakeholder required and develop monthly requisitions for all owners and ensure compliance to all contract and legal requirements.

Supervise all client specific programs for all safety and environmental requirements and provide support to all work groups and documents all project closeout processes and ensure completion of same.

Participate in meeting with all TMG internal staff and stakeholders and provide training to all project requirements and participate in all industry network functions.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all contractors and consultants and prepare all financial closeout processes within required timeframe.

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