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Construction Inspector Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all plans and project specifications and ensure feasibility of all plans with all construction process and ensure all activities in compliance with Quality Assurance procedures and prepare an effective schedule for all project progress.

Supervise all field quality assurance tests and analyze same and prepare cost estimates for same and inspect all construction projects and associate activities and ensure compliance to all specifications.

Analyze and interpret all specifications and blueprints as per contracts and monitor all deviations for same to ensure compliance to all procedures and maintain log of daily progress to prepare reports.

Monitor and perform regular check on all contractor and inspector work progress and maintain knowledge on all project requirements and provide all grading permits.

Ensure compliance in all local and federal regulations in all construction activities and maintain variety of all logs on employee performance and prepare an estimate of all pay.

Monitor all construction activities and its progress and ensure adherence to all procedures and specifications and evaluate all contract plans and maintain safety in all construction operations according to required building codes.

Analyze all work sites and recommend changes and modification as per requirements to improve all processes and administer efficient working of all construction projects in coordination with project engineers and inspect all final constrcutions.

Perform regular evaluation on all project specifications and prepare estimates for all processes and design and effective contractor proposal for client and monitor work progress to resolve all everyday issues.

Monitor all issues with contracts and evaluate and interpret all contract specifications and material requirements and maintain and store all required documents and tools for construction projects.

Ensure optimal level of customer services at all times and maintain effective relationships with all employees and officials and ensure adherence to all local, state and federal codes.

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